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We are a pioneering Spanish company in the aerospace sector and a reference within Europe in the development of reusable rockets, with a recognized prestige in the sector and a solid project that has become a reality through its launch vehicles: the MIURA 1 suborbital and MIURA 5 orbital rockets, which will place Spain among the few countries with the capacity to successfully send small satellites to space.

PLD Space was founded by Raúl Torres and Raúl Verdú in Elche (Alicante), and now has more than 200 employees

Since 2012, we have received the support of many high-level space industry companies, and we have currently received more than 120 million dollars in funding.


+ 200


+ 100.000

Horsepower per engine

+ 1000 L


150.000 sqm



work centers

+ 1.000.000

hours of engineering

PLD Space

Microgravity offers a new development arena for tech-base companies and research centers.

  • Earth sciences: geophysics, geology, geography, climatology, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography.
  • Space sciences: astrophysics, planetary sciences, human research, space radiation, health studies.
  • Technological development: deforestation, pollution, global warming, extinction of animals and plants.
  • IN-SPACE validation.
  • Agriculture: monitor fields, make start farming decisions.
  • Defense & Intelligence: see ships move.
  • Energy & Infrastructure: monitor infrastructure development and track resources globally.
  • Forestry: track carbon emissions in near real time.
  • Global Communications: Provide instantly deployable connectivity or long-term access solutions.
  • In-flight connectivity: provide business jet, commercial airline and military aviation customer with low latency broadband at 30,000 ft.
  • Rural coverage: designed to extend these networks into rural areas and create affordable connectivity for all.
  • Disaster relief and climate change.

PLD Space:

  • PLD Space unveils MIURA 1 test flight rocket at its launch base in Huelva


    The Spanish company PLD Space has unveiled the MIURA 1 rocket at its launch base in Huelva. This milestone kicks off the test flight campaign of the suborbital micro-launcher, which will take place at the facilities of the El Arenosillo Experimentation Center (CEDEA) of the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Defense. After completing the preparation works and the corresponding tests, the company will conduct its first test flight during one of several launch windows available between April and May. 


  • MIURA 1 Full Mission Test


    In September 2022, PLD Space successfully completed the first qualification campaign of its suborbital rocket, MIURA 1. The company is once again making history by performing a full mission test of an integrated microlauncher for the first time in Europe.

  • Series B investment closed


    In December 2021, PLD Space closed a Series B investment round of 25 million euros. The transaction -led by Arcano Partners, Aciturri and CDTI- brought the total capital raised by the company to more than 45 million euros.  

  • TEPREL-B engine first qualification


    In May 2021, PLD Space completed the qualification of its TEPREL-B engine. This is the first liquid-fueled rocket engine qualified for spaceflight in Spain's history and the first liquid kerosene-oxygen-based rocket engine in Europe.

  • MIURA 1 test lift


    In November 2021, PLD Space successfully completed the test lift of the first unit of its suborbital rocket, MIURA 1, at its technical facilities in Teruel.


  • PLD Space and HISPASAT


    Agreement to collaborate in the compatibility analysis of small satellites on board MIURA 5 rocket 

  • PLD Space


    Successful full rocket engine test for MIURA 1 mission

  • PLD space, CDTI and CNES agreement


    Agreement to study launch MIURA 5 from the European space port French Guiana.

  • Drop recovery test


    Recovery drop test, carried out with the demonstrator of the first stage of the MIURA 5, successfully achieved.

  • Drop test in Arizona


    Drop test to check the parachutes in Arizona along with Airborne Systems North America.

  • ESA Contract Termination


    In November the results were presented at the Small Satellites Launchers Congress at ESA (Study of small satellite launchers for ESA) Headquarters in Paris

  • PLD Space and RUAG


    Sign a commercial agreement to develop structures for MIURA 1 and MIURA 5.

  • PLD Space and ZARM


    Sign a Launch Agreement for the first test flight of the MIURA 1 launch vehicle.

  • PLD Space and Airborne Systems North America


    Sign two contracts to develop PLD Space launcher recovery systems.

  • PLD Space and Telespazio VEGA


    Sign MoU to provide suborbital flight opportunities from Europe on-board the MIURA 1.



    ACITURRI AND JME Venture Capital join GMV and Alzis as investment partners of PLD Space, reaching € 17M.

  • AEE


    First contract with the European Space Agency.

  • Partner and investor


    In December, the Series A1 financing round concludes and GMV joins PLD Space as a technology and investment partner.

  • Liquid rocket engine


    In June, PLD Space became the first European private company to develop a reusable liquid rocket engine for small & reusable launchers focused on the small satellite market.

  • Facilities


    In February 2015 PLD Space completes the construction of the first first private rocket test facilities in Europe, located at Teruel Airport, which include the first private rocket engine bank in Europe.

  • First round of investment


    In June, PLD Space closed its 1-million-Euro seed round with the participation of a group of more than 20 private investors and the support of CDTI, Caixa Capital Risc and IVF.

  • Founded


    The company was founded by Raúl Torres and Raúl Verdú.

  • PLD Space successfully completes first private space rocket launch in Europe


    Huelva, 7 October 2023. The Spanish company PLD Space has made history after successfully completing the launch of the first private European rocket, MIURA 1. The maiden flight of its suborbital launcher showcases the advanced level of technology and know-how that has been developed by the company since 2011. This milestone achievement furthermore reinforces PLD Space's leading position in the global space race, while building national and European strategic capabilities.



May 28, 2024
Miura 5
PLD Space and Exolaunch join forces to expand commercial access to space
April 23, 2024
PLD Space has achieved 120 million euros in funding to date
February 19, 2024
Miura 5
PLD Space wins BOOST! contract to support flexible payload accommodation

Financing has been received from Corporación Bética de Expansión Empresarial FCR, co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, FEDER, for the realization of the project "Launches of MIURA 1 at INTA and I+D+i developments in Andalusia" with the aim of promoting technological development, innovation and quality research.

MIURA 1 launches at INTA and I+D+I development in Andalusia

Promote research, technological development and innovation

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